What Is EMI RFI Shield Coatings?

Radio Frequency Interference (or RFI) affects an electrical circuit either electromagnetic induction or electromagnetic radiation way.

EMI means electromagnetic interference while RFI means radio frequency interference. The main reason why different industries look for EMI / RFI protection solutions is because electromagnetic waves and radio frequency signals can potentially affect other similar electronic devices. Today, our world is full of electronic devices and devices and it can be expected that there are millions and millions of signals and waves that move through the air at any time. That is why both RFI and EMI are recurring problems in many industries involving electronics. Fortunately, EMI-RFI protective coating solutions of metallization or thermal spraying can help address the issue of EMI / RFI effort.

Radio frequency interference (RFI) is a common phenomenon in urban areas where wireless communications are widespread. It is not easy to avoid or difficult to find. The interference is derived from an external source that is external to the signal path and creates unwanted artifacts in the signal. The radio frequency (RF) that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is above the audio (approximately 20 KHz) and below the infrared (approximately 30 THz).

Metallization processes (thermal projection) to achieve protection coatings against EMI / RFI

A variety of metals such as aluminum and zinc are applied by the processes of thermal projection of packing areas of electronic enclosures (cabinets, doors, plates, etc), the boxes of the polycarbonate electronics and filters to provide EMI and RFI.

The high quality of coatings that our equipment and materials provide prevents the interference of the signal and the electrical noise associated with the operation of electronic equipment to exit or enter an enclosure or housing.

Benefits of RFI Coating & Sheilding

The main benefit of obtaining EMI / RFI protection coatings is the prevention of malfunction of the electronic device. You can also enjoy practical attenuation and good point-to-point resistance that contribute to superior protection performance, while leaving your product anti-static. Your applications can also benefit from uniform thickness.

Common pieces that must have EMI / RFI protection coatings

Here is a list of common products that can be coated to provide EMI and RFI:

  • Marine electronic equipment
  • Medical devices such as x-ray equipment
  • Radios
  • Computers
  • Mobile phones
  • Process control components

If you are looking for coatings that provide the most practical attenuation levels, you do not need to look any further than Vacuum Metalizing. Our industry experience in a wide variety of thermal spray processes will ensure that you will experience high quality coatings suitable for your specific EMI / RFI protection applications. Contact us today and let us know about your EMI / RFI protection needs.